Mixing them together

Posted: August 18, 2010 in CAE, CPE
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Hello guys,

I do understand that one of the most complicated things you’ve got to do is juggling your time to study for Sigma (or UnB) and studying for CAE/CPE (or just your regular English class). The way I see it, there are many things you can do regarding your English studies that are not as time consuming as you may think they are. I’ve already suggested podcasts (and I do remember I told you I was going to record a screencast to teach you how to browse and subscribe to them through iTunes – I might have the time to do so this evening) and reading newspaper articles. The beauty of these two tools you can use is that it’s easy for you to find topics that will also help you in your studies for Sigma, UnB, or whatever you might like to learn more about.

Another tool that I’d like to recommend and that makes it easy for you to mix your studies together is documentaries. Yes, I am well aware of the fact that they aren’t the most fun things in the world to watch, but they might be very useful when it comes to learning about something, you’ve got to give me at least that. And the best part of it is that there’s a website with FREE documentary films online. Yes, you heard me, they’re all free.

If you want to at least try to find some interesting topics for your studies, click here or on the image below and start browsing.

I’m sure you’ll find something useful there!

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