Dear students,

This is a page created for me to try to organise some of the online resources I’d like you to use during the semester. Please go over the list and try your best to visit the links and make use of the resources when studying.



  1. English Central – This link is for my group on English Central. This is a place for you to watch videos and test your pronunciation with instant feedback. The videos are short and there is a wide array of videos to choose from.
  2. British English – A page with some information about British English and some links to further information.
  3. Individual sounds – At the top-right hand corner there’s a link to both the English and the Spanish library of sounds. There you’ll find out what happens to your mouth (or what should happen) for each one of the sounds in the English language. Really nice if you’re trying to get that particular sound right!
  4. UCL resources – If you’re interested in learning a bit more about phonetics and phonology, and even try some exercises, you should check this page out.


  1. LDOCE – Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
  2. Cambridge – Cambridge Dictionary Online
  3. Oxford – Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary online
  4. Urban dictionary
  5. Phrases – A great place to go if you’re trying to find out the meaning and the origin of certain phrases and idioms.
  6. Idiom Connection – Loads of idioms organised alphabetically.


  1. BBC Newspod – Newspod is a podcast produced daily by the BBC. The podcast lasts for about 35 minutes and there are many different topics, which means you’re likely to enjoy at least one of the stories. Not only will this give you the chance to practise listening to British English, but it’s also full of interviews, monologues, reports and other kinds of things which are similar to what you’ll find on the exam.
  2. The Guardian Podcasts – Podcasts from the Guardian Online. As this is from a newspaper, you can find podcasts on as many different topics as you may want to. You’re certainly bound to find something for you here.
  3. National Public Radio – You may think this is just a radio station, but it’s got loads of daily updated articles on a wide array of topics for you to choose from. You can either listen to the news (and even download them), or read. Another great option due to the variety of topics.

Exam Information

  1. Cambridge ESOL – The official website for the Cambridge exams. One of the most important things for students who are preparing for exams to do is finding out more about the exam. Make sure you visit this website and download the handbook for your exam.
  2. CAE Speaking – Information and tips for the CAE speaking test.
  3. CPE Speaking – Information and tips for the CPE speaking test.
  4. Flo-Joe – A website with a wealth of resources about the Cambridge main suite exams (FCE, CAE and CPE). There are some free exercises as well for you.
  5. Speaking examples – On this page you can find videos with examples of candidates and proficiency levels for each one of the levels. Remember: FCE – level B2; CAE – level C1; CPE – level C2


  1. Guardian – A british newspaper where you can find articles about pretty much anything you like.
  2. NY Times – The NY Times website. Another newspaper, this time an american one.
  3. The Economist – A British magazine with loads of interesting articles. Despite its title, it deals with many different topics and not only economy.
  4. Newsweek – What else do you need as a description? Newsweek magazine.
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